and Saftey 

A main challenge is managing the health & safety of over 100 staff at multiple worksites in different geographical locations from Rakaia to north of the Waimakariri region and beyond.


Ensuring that all our staff go home safe and well every day is not an optional extra for us, it is a core part of our DNA and has been ever since Ron and Margaret Taggart formed the business back in 1953. Traditional contracting methodology has served the industry well, however we are now looking to existing and emerging technologies for new opportunities to equip our staff with the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently, more economically and crucially more safely.


GPS technology allows us to locate staff plant and equipment, also to plan and execute tasks more efficiently to make the best and most economic use of the company’s plant and equipment with minimum environmental impact.


Having this technology at our disposal is a significant advantage but it requires a dynamic recording and reporting tool to manage the ‘who what where and when’ to ensure that we are making the absolute best use of our resources. Taggart uses BWARE Safety Manager Pro to ‘join the dots’ for Health & Safety, as well as facilitating the day to day operational management of plant, processes and equipment, so we are confident our staff have the tools and processes they require to do their job as safely and efficiently as possible. BWARE has been running in the company for three years now so we have taken the time to bed the system in, make subtle changes with the development team, and accumulate a significant amount of valuable data.


Importantly incidents and significant events are reported immediately in real time allowing a considered timely and appropriate response.

BWARE’s Responder mobile phone application has been rolled out to all staff so that all plant and equipment breakdown / maintenance requests and all incident notifications were being received in real time from site on the app.

All maintenance requests, breakdown reports, incidents reports and service history are recorded against the relevant piece of plant and equipment, so the Transport Manager has the necessary information to assist with making decisions around plant replacement. This process ensures that staff are operating fully serviced, maintained, certified, safe equipment at all times.

Having the full history, including whenever plant or equipment is involved in any incident or event. allows us to monitor trends to determine whether there are any issues with any plant or if our methodologies need to change or adapt to ensure working tasks can be completed safely.


All Taggart workers now have the ability to access information relevant to their worksite at any time. We have built a library of useful links relevant to the divisions within the company, civil construction, demolition, drainage, water & services and staff can click on links in the app to bring up all the information they require to do their jobs.


Project Managers can attach service plans to worksites which are available via PDF links. Worksite electronic ‘notice boards’ can be used to record site specific information, and the SSSP becomes a living electronic document where risk can be dynamically assessed, JSAs amended and reissued from the app via a PDF document that can be forwarded by email.


Staff are able to report hazards, safety observations and incidents in real time. Supervisors have the ability to analyse and investigate incidents and make recommendations for, (and crucially implement) necessary corrective actions.


Taggart employs a combination of leading and lagging indicators to measure Health & Safety performance and to drive continuous improvement including:


  • Pre employment health screening

  • Proactive Health, Mental Health & Wellness promotion through the staff Social Media channels

  • External employee health monitoring including company funded physiotherapy for sprains and strains

  • Active inclusive investigation of events and incidents to capture lessons learned and implement preventative strategies

  • Injury frequency and severity monitoring / Lost workdays

  • ACC / Worker compensation costs

  • Training needs identification matched to role

  • Employee participation surveys

  • Safety Audits (internal & external)


All aspects are able to be either tracked and / or recorded on the BWARE system. Our approach has resulted in a consistent year on year reduction in lost time injuries for the last three years (since BWARE implementation) with no serious harm injuries or events in that same timeframe, and we have achieved and maintained our SiteWise – GREEN STATUS at 100% for the second year running (to March 2020).